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Trenchless Sewer Service

Sewer pipes are the large drains that carry waste from your home in Azle, TX to the municipal sewer main. Like anything else that gets used a lot, sewer pipes will wear out and degrade over time. As time goes by, pipes begin to rust, corrode, and can become overridden with roots or experience total collapse.

These issues present certain conditions that you should be alerted to:

  • Emergency situations
    Sewer main stoppages will usually happen rapidly, and at inconvenient times. This issue can make it nearly impossible for a household to function, with the ability to clean, bath, or flush their toilets.
  • Research time
    When this happens, you won’t have the time to search for the most affordable plumber to repair the issue, or the best approach to take when a sewer needs replacing.
Trenchless Sewer Digging in Azle, TX

This means that many customers have been ripped off by contractors who swoop in and use large excavation equipment to replace their stopped up sewer. There is not necessarily a problem with this, except that most can’t afford the cost, and won’t want to deal with the massive devastation left behind in their yards.

Obstacles are a common occurrence in life, and the same is true for sewer repair; tearing up sidewalks or destroying beautifully landscaped yards should never be the first choice when replacing a sewer main, but many homeowners aren’t even aware that trenchless options are available. This is probably because most plumbing contractors in Azle, TX don’t have the required equipment, technology or training needed to perform trenchless digging. There are also instances where plumbing contractors don’t tell the customer that trenchless digging is an option, because they are in a hurry to get the job done, and have no problem wrecking your property to make it happen.

At Rush Plumbing and Rooter in Azle, TX, we know that trenchless digging is the better way to replace a sewer, plus we have the technology, experience and equipment to do it for you! Save yourself time and money, and go with the better option.

Planning for Sewer Replacement in Azle, TX

Being informed in the first step, but what you do with that information is the important part. Since you know what lies ahead, you should begin planning things out, so you aren’t slammed with any surprise costs, or last minute issues. If you don’t have a sewer stoppage, but have had them in the past, or live in an older home in Azle, TX, it is wise to plan ahead of time, because those pipes could be a ticking time bomb. For a free consultation, give us a call or fill out our contact form.

If you would like a check-up for your sewer pipes, our “plumbing doctors” can perform an inner piping scan of the entire length of your sewer. This will tell us exactly what condition your sewer is in, and whether you should replace it now or later.

Sewer Main Stoppages in Azle, TX

Roots in your Azle, TX Sewer?

If you have roots in your sewer, you have the options of cutting them out, using a sewer auger machine, but for long term maintenance, it may be a better investment to replace the sewer and avoid this problem entirely. It will cost more initially, but returns will pay off for many years to come.


How does Trenchless Digging work in Azle, TX?

There are two systems to trenchless digging in Azle, TX:

  1. CIPP (Cured-in-place-pipe)
    This involves the use of a fiberglass tube, coated with epoxy resin that is inserted into the damaged pipe. Once inserted, it is blown up just like a balloon, and after some time, the epoxy will cure and harden, creating a “pipe within a pipe”. What results, is a smooth, free-flowing sewer line that is better and stronger than the pipe it inhabits. This process is similar to an “angioplasty” where a doctor repairs part of an artery from the inside.
  2. Pipe Bursting
    This process involves the digging of two access holes on each end of the pipe, then using specialized equipment to pull new piping through the old pipe, while simultaneously fracturing the old pipe outward.
Trenchless Options in Azle, TX

Benefits to Trenchless Digging in Azle, TX:


of lawns, trees, sidewalks, landscaping, and any other “obstacles” would have been destroyed through traditional sewer replacement means.

Preventing damage

to underground “obstacles”, that would potentially be at risk if there was a backhoe ripping and digging up your yard.

Save time with trenchless digging

and never deal with a stoppage or root problem again.

Save money with trenchless digging

by NOT having to repair all the damages done to your property via excavation equipment.

Superior sewer lines

that won’t incur stoppages, root problems, rust or collapse.

How Does Trenchless Digging Work in Azle, TX

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