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Leak Detection Services

Our advanced, non-obtrusive detection systems can save you money, time and potential property damage. We have specialized electronic leak detection equipment, and our skilled professionals will quickly and precisely track down your plumbing leak.

Water can “run”, but it can’t “hide” from the Leak Detectives at Rush Plumbing and Rooter!

Once we locate the source of the leak, we will report our findings to you and provide you options for repair or replacement. We also offer estimates on partial or complete Repiping projects, in case the need ever arises.

Leak Detector

Signs of a Hidden or Underground Leak

Increase in Monthly Water Bills

Most people don’t know they have a leak, until they notice a huge spike in their water bills. It could either be a pin-hole leaks that causes water loss slowly over time, or a sudden leak that causes extensive water loss.

“Hearing” a Leak

This can be a distinct sound if you have copper pipes. Listening to your faucets can help indicate whether a leak is present, since your faucet can act as a “mini amplifier”.

Running or Trickling Water

If you suspect a leak, shut off the water at the supply stop, and if the sound or running water stops, then you have found your leak source. Sometimes faucets or other valves can accidentally be left slightly in the “on” position, causing the appearance of a leak.

Visual Damage or Moisture

Walk around your home and property, checking for damage or moisture under your water heater, dishwasher, sinks, floors, walls and ceiling. If you find no damage or moisture, then your leak is most likely underground.

If you suspect a leak, hire the Leak Detectives at Rush Plumbing and Rooter and they will hunt down the leak, and work quickly to repair it.

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Isolating the Leak

Until the plumber shows up, you may choose to isolate the leak to determine whether it is underground outside, or underneath your home. Here are some helpful tips for isolating a leak in or around your home:

  • Turn on the main water cut-off valve to the house; this is usually outside or inside your home, or near the water heater, water softener or filter, depending on your home’s layout.
  • If you don’t hear any running water, then the leak may be under your home’s flooring.
  • If the water is off and you still hear running water, then the leak may be coming from the water main outside. The water main is a line that runs underground between the main water cut-off valve and the water meter that is near the street.
  • To try and locate the leak outdoors, walk an imaginary line between the two previously mentioned points (where you think the pipe might be running) and if you’re lucky, you will come across an area that is particularly wet or moist; you may even see water bubbling up from the ground, depending on the burial depth of the water main.

Following these steps will hopefully save you from worrying, and save the plumber time in locating the leak.

Leak Detection Specialists
Just to be sure…

If you have a small leak, or the leak sound is faint and you want to be sure that you aren’t hearing things that aren’t there, you might be able to verify the leak by checking your water meter.

  1. Confirm that all household valves and faucets are shut off tightly.
  2. Check to see if your meter is “spinning”; if you have an old meter, you may need to mark a spot on it, and then time it until you see noticeable movement.

NOTE: Many water meters have a leak detector dial that is a small, star-shaped head that will spin around at the slightest movement of passing water.

Whether or not you were successful in locating your leak, take comfort in knowing that if you call Rush Plumbing and Rooter, our leak detection specialists will pinpoint your leak, and repair it promptly.

Isolating a Leak

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